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Guaranteed Florida Title, Inc., respects the privacy of all website visitors to the extent permitted by law. In the course of using this website, you may opt to provide us with information to help us serve your needs, such as sending us your contact information when requesting further information. Any personally-identifiable information you provide to us will be used only for the purpose indicated. Requests for information will be directed to the appropriate Guaranteed Florida Title, Inc., personnel to respond to the request. Guaranteed Florida Title, Inc., may sell, exchange, or otherwise distribute your personally-identifiable information without your consent, except to the extent required by law.


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We're happy to hear from visitors to this website and welcome feedback regarding our existing products and services. However, Guaranteed Florida Title, Inc., does not knowingly accept or consider unsolicited submissions, so we ask that you be specific and limit your comments to those services and products. Please do NOT submit any creative or technical concepts, ideas, suggestions, know-how or techniques. At any given time Guaranteed Florida Title, Inc., are working on various projects and initiatives for new products and services that might seem to others to be similar to their own creative or technical work. Our policy is to destroy any unsolicited submission without reading it, or where possible. To avoid possible misunderstandings, no unsolicited submission will be forwarded to or reviewed by any other Guaranteed Florida Title, Inc., personnel. Therefore, any similarity between an unsolicited submission and any elements in any Guaranteed Florida Title, Inc., creative or technical work would be purely coincidental. In addition, any unsolicited submission you may send will be treated as non-confidential, and Guaranteed Florida Title, Inc., will not be liable for any disclosure of such submission.

If, notwithstanding the above, you do transmit unsolicited submissions to this website, such submissions become the property of Guaranteed Florida Title, Inc., and may be adapted, broadcast, changed, copied, disclosed, licensed, performed, posted, published, sold, transmitted, or otherwise used as Guaranteed Florida Title, Inc., sees fit. By using this website and transmitting an unsolicited submission to this website, you agree that you are not entitled to any compensation, credit or notice whatsoever with respect to such submission, and that by sending an unsolicited submission you waive the right to make any claim against Guaranteed Florida Title, Inc., its parents or affiliates relating to our use of such submission, including, without limitation, infringement of proprietary rights, unfair competition, breach of implied contract or breach of confidentiality.

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The material that appears on this website is for general informational purposes only. While we try to ensure that any information we post to this website is both in a timely manner and is accurate, errors may appear occasionally. This website may not be updated daily, and certain information may not be the most current available. Before you act on information you've found on our website, you should independently confirm any facts that are important to your decision. Guaranteed Florida Title, Inc., is not responsible for, and cannot guarantee the performance of, any products or services provided by any outside advertisements or other links found on this site. A link to another website does not constitute an endorsement of that site (nor of any product, service, or other material offered on that site) by Guaranteed Florida Title, Inc., or its licensors. Although we make this website freely accessible, we don't intend to give up our rights, or anyone else's rights, to the materials appearing on www.gftitle.com. The materials available through this website are the property of Guaranteed Florida Title, Inc., or its licensors, and are protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws.

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You may order certain products and services through this website. All orders made through this website are subject to the availability, terms, and other conditions that apply to the particular services at the time the order is placed. All services, their contents, availability, and pricing are subject to change at any time with or without notice. Please read carefully the terms and disclaimers accompanying any products or services that you order through this website.

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