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Guaranteed Florida Title, is an ALTA BEST PRACTICES Compliant company. Our ALTA materials can be found under the ALTA tab of our Website.

New rules, new regulations and new compliance requirements. Only a well-organized and well-run company like Guaranteed Florida Title can provide the quality of service required to meet these challenges. Lender demand and expect the title agents to meet and exceed these new requirements quickly, accurately and without variance. Guaranteed Florida Title offers direct lenders the advantage of acquiring all of their title insurance, limited coverage and escrow needs from one location.

Guaranteed Florida Title delivers a consistent, trustworthy service for you as well as for your client. As agents for several of the nation’s largest title insurance underwriters, we offer unparalleled expertise in protecting and securing your real estate investments

Guaranteed Florida Title has been vetted by Secure Insight the first company to offer a standardized risk management process and information database of fully vetted mortgage closing professionals that protects both consumers and lenders – reducing fraud and ensuring that federal regulatory requirements are met.

The Secure Insight process delivers the most advanced closing fraud risk analysis in the industry and meets all risk management requirements for third-party vetting of vendor relationships, as outlined by CFPB, OCC, HUD, FDIC, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the National Credit Union Administration.

We are delighted to report that not only was Guaranteed Florida Title, Inc., approved by Secure Insights, but it was awarded the most desirable Risk Rating of Low.

In the title industry today, many lenders are insisting on third-party validation or certification of the title agency. We meet or exceed these standards and are an ALTA Best Practices compliant title agency.

You can Trust Guaranteed Florida Title with your loans.

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